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Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Wohooooo! I'm back!

Hello there, how's things going since my last entry?
Well my end, there's lots to tell!
I had my first groom and I thought you'd like to see the before and afters...
Well this is me before, as you can see my tail was wiggle waggling, do you like my pose? The lady was really nice, she had her mum with her too to help which was good as it meant lots of attention for me!
Mummy left me lots of cheese to munch during the transformation, I have her well trained I have to say!
I wasn't quite sure what to expect, I've never been here before, so I was rather excited and confused at the same time, but I did my best to behave just like mummy said, so I think they'll have me back!
Here's how I left the salon...
I was a little concerned to start with as I don't really like being brushed at home. Mummy used to do it twice a day, but I got fed up with all that carry on and decided once a week to keep her happy. She kept telling me 'Prince, your going to end up bald and everyone will talk about you', I'm not sure what bald is but I like the idea of everyone talking about me. I mean, how could you not talk about me, I'm the hottest dog on the block! I've even got the neighbours buying me presents, but not the one next door, he'll never get me a pressie so I tell him off every time I see him and then mummy tells me of hehe!
Anyway, I think I look all right. Mummy says I'm growing up too fast. She showed the grooming lady a picture from when I was just 5 weeks old and said cut him like that! She's clearly in denial. I don't know what she is going to do when I'm a proper big boy!

Well today we went on an adventure to pets at home. I like going there as me and mummy don't have to sit and wait in the car. That's so borinnngggg!
Mummy bought me loads of treats, including a new duck that honks when I squeeze it, oh it's so fab, I love it! I met a dog called D-fer. He was older than me, a bit grey round the edges, and he was getting loads of attention, yet nobody was looking at me!!!
Well I told him, I can tell you! A few Rufffff Rufffffs later and he knew all about it! Mummy said wise up, whatever that's supposed to mean!
Even the girl at the checkout remembered me after that one lol Mummy said I think I'm a lot bigger than I am, I have no idea what she is talking about

I seen a few other dogs that weren't stealing my limelight, I just wanted to play, but they all turn their backs to me :( I gotta find me a friend to play with, all the doggies I meet are boring and don't want to, I can't help that I am full of beans and just wanna say hi!

Anyway, in other news I have been getting some new stuff for my dinner and I have to say thank goodness!
Finally mummy has found me something I like to eat, none of that old dry nugget rubbish. I've been trying to tell her for so long, finally she's got it!
On Sunday I got my first raw chicken wing! Boy was that good!
Here are some pictures just to demonstrate!

I think I'm going to enjoy this raw diet though mummy looks rather nervous about it, and was chasing me around whilst I was trying to eat my wing. I'm a big boy you know mum! next time guys, I shall love and leave yas,
Speak soon,
Prince xox

Sunday, 17 July 2011


Hello there! I'm Prince, a 17 and a half week old Bichon Frise puppy. I live in Northern Ireland with my mummy Linda, in her parents house, so I have loads of hoomans around me to fuss all over!
I first met my mummy when I was 5 weeks old...
Mummy says when she first set eyes on me it was love! I wasn't sure what was happening to be honest, I got a wee cuddle and mummy and grandad chatted to my doggy mum's mum and off they went. Imagine my surprise when they turned up a few day later to collect me!
I was taken outside into a thing the hoomans call a car. It is a big thing with wheels that gets us places faster than our little legs can carry us. Mummy was worried I might get car sick, but I was a brave boy and cuddled in my mummy's arms the whole way home, snuggled in a blanky with my doggy mum's smell on it. That was really comforting for me.
When we got to mummy's house there were more hoomans waiting for me! Well, I couldn't quite believe all the fuss I was getting, and I must admit I really loved it!
I snuggled up for a wee snooze in granny's arms, all the excitement really took it out of me! But I was soon up and about again exploring my new home. There was so much to see and do, I couldn't quite take it all in!
I missed my doggy mummy and my 2 sisters, but I could see I was going to get lots of love and kisses here so I was happy :)

A few days later...
This was me at around 7 weeks, I'm snuggled up beside my mummy having a snooze...
You can see my blanky behind me, it made me feel  safe for the first wee while, as I got settled into my new home.
Over the next few weeks I discovered some things I loved, for one I love belly rubs. If I want a belly rub I lie on my back, legs akimbo and wait for someone to take the hint like this...
It doesn't take long, I've got the hoomans well trained you see. You can see my lovely tummy in this picture, it's all pink with pretty brown spots and you can tell from my face this was a particularly good tummy rubbing session!

I also love to flop out on the kitchen floor, it's made of some cold stuff and in this warm weather it's a lovely place to sleep...

Mummy bought me loads of lovely toys, truth be told I'm spoilt. I often hear granda talking about 'in his day'. Apparently puppies didn't have much in the olden days, so I'm very lucky! My favourite toy is an octopus. It has loads of legs and makes funny crinkly noises! I also have some Kong toys and my chewy rawhides.
Just today mummy brought me a present home from work. It's the funny shaped thing, I think it's called a space hopper, but it's a tiny one, and it squeaks and bounces. It's my new favourite! I love to play with my mummy, though I need to get better at letting her know I would like to play. Apparently pulling down her pyjama bottoms is not the best way of going about it :)
If you come back soon I'll show you some pictures of my toys and me playing with them!

Mummy introduced me to her other 'loves' as she calls them. They sure ain't no loves of mine! She says they are guinea pigs and they are called Tigger and Thumper, if you ask me they look like toys to me, real exciting ones, but mummy says I'm not allowed to play with them! She says maybe when I'm older I can see them better, but I get too excited to visit them now, here they are...

Anyway, mummy likes to keep me clean. I like to keep me mucky, my favourite place to be is rolling in the flower beds! I love the garden, I can run around like a maniac, play fetch and do a bit of gardening for grandad, I'm not sure he appreciates my efforts though, I'll show you pics of my handiwork in my next blog and maybe you'll appreciate it :p
So often after I've really mucked myself up I need to go in the bath. I don't mind, in fact I really enjoy having a  lovely shower. Mummy uses a ph balanced shampoo so as not to irritate my skins, us Bichons are sensitive souls you see. Here's me having a nice shower...
Look at me now, haven't I grown!
Here's me all lovely and clean after...

I'm actually quite a big boy for my age! I'm now just over 5kg, but I'm not fat, just big boned, in fact I have very long legs so I'm tall too!

Please come back soon and
You'll have to see my toy collection, and before and after shots of my grooming session!
Mummy's not very good at taking pictures, but she promises to do better for my blog! See you soon, woof woof lick lick xox